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Celebrating Scientific Innovation at Cheslyn Hay Academy's Year 9 Science Fair

19th April 2024

This April, we showcased the remarkable talent and creativity of our Year 9 students at the annual Science Fair Finals. The event was held in our school's lecture theatre, providing a stage for some of our brightest young minds to shine, supported by their peers, families, and carers.

Dedication and Discovery

More than 200 of our Year 9 students embarked on this scientific journey, with the finalists representing the pinnacle of academic achievement and innovation. These dedicated young scholars presented their thoroughly researched projects to an engaged audience and a panel of expert judges, demonstrating not only their knowledge but also their skills in effective communication and critical thinking.

Mr. Tom MacDonald, our esteemed Headteacher, commended the organisation of the event: "Mrs. Gemma Gleeson, our Assistant Faculty Director, has played a pivotal role in bringing this inspiring event to life. Her commitment to creating a supportive and challenging environment enables our students to excel in scientific inquiry and beyond."

A Testament to Teaching Excellence

Mrs. Erica Harper, Windsor Academy Trust Lead for Science, emphasised the broader significance of the Science Fair: "This event is a prime example of how we engage students with complex global issues through practical, hands-on learning. It's a showcase of how academic challenges can foster real-world engagement and understanding."

Environmental and Scientific Advocacy

Reflecting our Trust’s commitment to environmental stewardship, several projects focused on sustainability and the urgent need for conservation. Mrs. Nicky Smith, Head of the Science Faculty, praised the finalists: "Our students have tackled some of the most pressing environmental issues of our times with impressive insight and initiative."

Recognising Commitment and Creativity

Mrs. Gemma Gleeson shared her reflections on the students' efforts: "Every Year 9 student participated in the initial rounds of the Science Fair, which is a testament to the universal enthusiasm and commitment amongst our students. The finalists, however, have distinguished themselves through their exceptional dedication and perseverance."

Celebrating Our Finalists

The students who reached the final round are as follows:

  • Kiera, Corey, Bea, Cherish, Jessica, Aine, Connor, Reece, Jack J., Josh, Rhys, Joseph, Logan, Oscar, Scarlett, Tamsin, Ruby, Maisie, Charlie, Lucy, Jack G., and Finlay.

Winners and Runners-up

We are delighted to announce this year's winners:

  • First Place: Jack J and Josh J
  • Second Place: Oscar W
  • Third Place: Aine M and Jessica W

Their presentations not only demonstrated deep understanding but also showcased their exceptional ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and persuasively.

A Special Thanks to Our Judges

The success of this event owes much to our judges, whose expertise and feedback enriched the experience for all:

  • Mrs. Erica Harper, Head of Science across the Trust
  • Mrs. Gemma Fitzgerald, Head of English at Cheslyn Hay
  • Mr. Todd Jenkins, an Agroecology and Entomology specialist from Harper Adams University

In a show of support for our students' extraordinary efforts, Mr. MacDonald announced a doubling of the prize pot on the night, ensuring each member of the winning teams was appropriately rewarded.

We extend our warmest congratulations to all the participants, especially our finalists and winners, for their outstanding presentations and innovative thinking.

Thank you to all the parents, carers, and everyone in our community who supported these talented young scientists. Your encouragement makes all the difference and ensures events like the Science Fair remain a highlight in our academic calendar.