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What do we have to offer?

The school curriculum is designed to provide the students with a broad and balanced range of subjects whilst offering them as they get older increasing opportunity to specialise according to their personal strengths, interests and ambitions. Please click on the subjects below to find out more information.

​Key Stage 3 - Years 7 to 9

In their first three years, our students study:

Students also follow programmes in personal wellbeing, citizenship, independent studies and economic wellbeing (RSHE). Of the 30 periods each week there are 5 for each of English and Maths, 4 for Science, 3 for PE, 3 for each of Geography, History, MFL and Technology and 1 for each of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics, Art, Music, Drama and Computer Science.

Key Stage 4 - Years 10 and 11

In Years 10 and 11 all students are prepared for an appropriate number of public examinations. The core subjects include English Language and English Literature, Mathematics, Religious Education, Physical Education and Science. All students also continue to follow the personal wellbeing and economic wellbeing programmes (RSHE).Elements of the curriculum, such as RSE, PSHE and Computing are taught via 'Aspire for Life' days where students follow an alternative timetable for several days each year to cover this content and develop skills in these areas, as well as via the tutor time programme.  Students follow the DfE statutory curriculum and cover the content throughout the academic year.  There are certain topics that are delivered cross-curricular, for example contraception and sexual health in science.  Topics include healthy relationships, intimate and sexual health, mental health and internet safety.

​A wide range of other examination courses are offered annually subject to viable numbers. Currently, the range includes:

We also run some alternative vocational programmes in conjunction with other education providers such as VIP and Wightwick. 

Of the 30 periods each week there are 5 for each of English and Maths, 6 for Science, 2 for PE and 3 for each of the four additional subjects students study.  Students are able to opt for the subjects they study to enable them to progress to their Post-16 destinations.  There are certain requirements for these to ensure students follow a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum, such as the requirement to study Geography or History and an increasing number to study MFL.

Key Stage 5 - Years 12 and 13

In Years 12 and 13 we are able to offer an extensive range of advanced level academic and applied courses. The present range of A Level courses on offer includes:

Students will have 6 periods each week for most subjects as well as 2 periods of an Enrichment subject.  GCSE English and Maths are also available for students needing to re-sit these to improve the grades they achieved at the end of Key Stage 4.

We partner with Great Wyrley Academy to enable our students to access a broad range of other courses delivered elsewhere whilst remaining a member of our sixth form. As with Key Stage 4 options, the running of courses depends on viable numbers. Further information about our 16+ provision can be found on our sixth form website.

Aspire Sixth website


Knowledge Organisers

Students have access to knowledge organisers to help summarise all of the essential facts we expect them to know within their Threshold Curriculum.

This knowledge will support them to make sense of what they are being taught and be able to relay this knowledge to other contextual understanding and help to make their learning stick.